123 Project

The 123 Project is GET-P, Korea (Gender Equality Training Platform) funded project which was implemented by NEEDS Nepal in slum area since 2019. This project is located in Bhimdatta municipality ward no. 18, Saalghari madanasrita tole mahendranagar, kanchanpur, Nepal. The livelihood and education status in the slum community seems very poor and even the small children are going for a daily wage. The 123 project will initiate the Jyoti Center which will enhance the education level of slum area kid and Jyoti Coop will work with mothers in slum area which will enhance the livelihood of families in slum area. The basic concept of this project is to develop the slum area in terms of education and livelihood. Similarly, by providing them whole package of livelihood and education the 123 project want to enhance the livelihood of slum community. The main Objective of this Project is to reduce poverty, unemployment and illiteracy through sustainable livelihood and quality education and also to increase income generation of mother in slum area through professional sewing training. To reduce all the livelihood and education issues this project was initiated. 123 Project is belongs to Economic Development and Food Security which is 3rd theme of NEEDS Nepal.

Project Goal
To Make Brighter future of slum kids by providing quality education and make their parents skilful and self dependent at community.
Impact of the Project
Through this program many slum kids will be get proper education, guidance and access to get job opportunity and their parents will be equipped by various kinds of vocational training and establish their own business in community for survive their family.
Sustainability of the Project
Through this project we will start the social business that will be one of main source of sustainability of the program.
Objectives / Purpose

  • To reduce poverty, unemployment and illiteracy through sustainable livelihood and quality education.
  • To increase income generation of mother in slum area through professional vocational (sewing, Bakery) training.
  • To equipped and give proper skills by livelihood / Vocational training and able to survive their lives.
Expected Outcome / Result:
  • The children will able to get sound knowledge on computer, English and Music by which in future they will get a better job opportunity.
  • The community people will be able to enhance livelihood through the Program.

Success Stories

Life story of Nabin Nepali
Nabil Nepali is one of the Student of Jyoti after School tuition Center. As the Record of Jyoti tuition Center he is the resident of Bhimdatta municipality ward no. – 18, Kanchanpur, Nepal. His guardian's name is Dhan Bahadur Nepali. He is belongs to marginalized family because of low economic status. He was admitted in Jyoti tuition Center in 2018 A.D. Before admitting tuition Center his English Language was very poor in both spoken and written. He could not say even simple word in English. He felt difficulty while expressing things in English. Immediately after joining tuition he has improved many things that are related to spoken and written English. Nowadays he can easily express anything in English Language using Common components of language. He is also able to write Common terms in English like essay writing, Conversation writing, story writing etc. He can use language correctly accordingly to the situation like greeting, farewell, welcoming etc. In Conclusion, he is one of the well learners because of his grant effort as well as the hard labor of teachers. We hope that he will become better this hear future. We wish his bright Future ahead.


Life story of Punam Chaudhary
Punam Chaudhary is one of member of Jyoti Coop. Her name is Punam Chaudhary. She is 28 years old. Her husband name is Suraj Chaudhary and they have two daughter. Punam Chaudhary lives in Bhimdatta municipality ward No.-18, Saalghari kanchanpur, Nepal. She is belongs to marginalized and Poor family because of low economic status. Before joining the jyoti coop she used to go to do labor work with her husband. Because of unskilled and uneducated status she is enforced to work mostly as labor worker and road and building construction, though the working at road side and building construction quite tough and more risk. Due to her unskilled and not having any income source it's very difficult to her for survive the family. One day she heard about jyoti coop from her relatives and she got opportunity to participate and learn about tailoring in Jyoti Coop. After Joining in Jyoti Coop she improved in skill of Tailoring. Nowadays she can stitch clothes of different design and also became proficient in Cutting Pants and Shirt. Also she became self empowered for making school dress properly and she able to earn money for her family. Now she is skilled and she wants to open a tailoring shop so that she can be self dependent.