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Awareness Raising

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Awareness Raising:
1. Door to Door Campaign
2. Street dramas/cultural program
3.School level orientations
4. IEC materials, hoarding boards, wall painting
5. Home visit
6. Jingles & Radio program
7. MISC operation

Capacity Building:
1.Orientations and trainings on SM & AHT to beneficiaries, stakeholders
2. Financial Literacy-spouse, returnee migrants/families
3. Account keeping & micro-credit
4. Livelihood Improvement Plan/entreprenurship Development Training

Advocacy and lobby:
1. Formation and strengthen migrant network
2. Sajha Manch radio program
3. Cross-border meeting in civil society level
4. Indo-Nepal meeting
5. Bi-annual journalist field visit
6. National round table discussion to parliamentary members
7. Research & study for evidence base advocacy

Income Generation/ Livelihood:
1. Training for Livelihood Improvement /Entrepreneurship Development Plan
2. Business start up support in Kind (225 Individuals)
3. Resource leverage meeting & linkages to helping hands
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NEEDS (National Enviornment and Equity Developnemt Society) established in Kanchanpur district and started its Community Based Integrated Rural Development program. Gradually NEEDS extended its working districts within the Far Western Region. Currently, NEEDS is providing its various services for community development, education and environment activities in the 2 districts of Far Western Region of Nepal. The projects and programs are mostly implementing through its own district chapters and other helping committees formed by NEEDS or through local based collaborative partners.


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Awareness Raising

14 March 2016

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