Completed Projects

Completed Program/Project 2002 -2020:

Overview of Completed Project
S.N. Name of Project Objective Targets Duration Total Value (.000) Funded by Remarks
1 Promotion of Safe Migration and Prevention of Human Trafficking Protect migrants rights and able to make taken informed decisions on migration and communities prevent human trafficking 12,300 HHs- 22,100 Direct Beneficiary, 264,000 Indirect Beneficiaries
Target Group (Migrants/returnees, potential migrants and Family members)
1 Jan 2017 to 31 Dec 2019 (3 year) 2,86,22,410.00(28.5 Millions) AWO International Doti and Kanchanpur
2 Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters  (ANUKULAN/BRACED Project)

(DRR/CCA, NTFP, Vegetable farming, Nutrition, Renewable energy)
Access to climate-adaptive technologies
Well being of poor people, Improves despite exposure to climate related shocks/ stresses
400 Groups (24,500 HHs)   
Poor specially women& Children. Focuses on vulnerable communities.
2015-2019 June

(56 Million)
UK Aid/ IDE Nepal 7 Municipality and 2 Rural municipality  in Kanchanpur

3 Hariyo Ban Program-II  

(Bio-diversity, DRR/CCA, Market base Enterprise)
Improved the status of the climate adoption and DRR of vulnerable communities. 400 Groups (5,000 HHs direct and 9,000 HHs in direct  )
Climate/DRR Vulnerable Community 
1stOct  2017 to 30 July 2020
(4 year) 
1,160,654.57 NPR @ year USAID/Care Nepal Banke, Bardiya, Kailali & Kanchanpur
4 Trans Boundary River of South Asia (TROSA) Strengthened capacity of river basin communities and civil society to participate in and influence trans-boundary water resource management and Improved policies and practice of governments 25,964 direct
59,310 indirect population
1st May 2017 to 2022 June 7,255,203 NRs SIDA/OXFAM Nepal Bhimdatta Municipality Ward # 9,11,12,13 & Mahakali Municipality Ward # 10 Ward.
5 PANI  (Mahakali River watershed Kanchanpur)

(Water and aquatic bio-diversity)
To increase awareness of communities and formulation of local policy for sustainable fisheries to reduce threat to freshwater bio-diversities of the lower Mahakali watershed and promote watershed conservation Direct  HHs1200 & population 4778 Riverina communities 15 June 2018 to 14 June 2019 6,171,980 NRS & 10 % contribution from NEEDS Nepal USAID Bhimdatta 9 to 13 ward and Mahakali Municipality In Kanchanpur

6 MEDPA Program
(Skill & Enterprise)
Skill development and promotion of Enterprise 281 HHs 2075 Magh 54,00,000 Gov, Nepal Bajhang District  6 Palika
7 Promotion of Safe Migration and Prevention of Human Trafficking (Safe Migration) Project Protect migrants rights and able to make taken informed decisions on migration and communities prevent human trafficking Direct 9,000 HHs&
Indriect 15,000 HHs

2015 to 2016 Dec.


AWO International 1st Phase  complete
Doti and Kanchapur district
8    Social Mobilization Program  (LGCDP)     Access increased on service and resources of poor, janjaiti,  dalit, women, disable and other gov. target group people.     15 Wards  
(15 WCF, 6 CAC)
Backwar, poor, gov target groups     2015 to 2017    1,000,000.00    LGCDP     1 Municipality        
9    Urban Risk Management (URM) Project

(Building code implementation and, Masson Training)
    Reduce the disaster risk and promote preparedness & technology for resilient  of municipality     12500Family  (19  WDMC)

Flood pron/affected people specially women, children    2012 to  2015
 (4 year)    65,000,000.00    OXFAM    Bhimdatta Municipality Kanchanpur       
10    SAFER Nepal Program (DRR)    Reduce the disaster risk and promote preparedness & technology for resilient  of VDCs     7500 Families Flood pron/affected people specially women, children    2013 to 2014 Aug. (20 Month)    9,800,000.00    OXFAM    2 VDC of Kanchanpur       
11    Community Seed Bank

(Food Security & DRR)     Protect seed and promote new/old seed for food security with reduce the disaster risk.
    35 Groups
Flood pron/affected people specially Small farmer    2012-2014
(3 Year)    1,700,000.00    Caritas  Nepal     5 VDC Kanchanpur       
12    Building Climate Resilience Rural Livelihood (BCRRL) :

DRR &Livelihood     Improved access to climate-adaptive technologies  with use and reduce disaster shocks/stresses
For well being of poor people,    6500 HHs (CDMC-23, NCDMC-1)

Flood pron/affected &Climate related  specially Small, Poor & Janjati    2012-2013 Dec.
(2 Year)     3,200,000.00    FCA/LWF Nepal     6 VDC Kanchanpur       
13    EMPHASIS   

(Safe Migration and HIV)     Protect migrants rights and able to make taken informed decisions on migration, HIV prevention    20000 Family
Migrant and their family specially migrant area, Hiv affected      2012 to 2014  May
(3 Year)    195,000,0000.00    Care Nepal     Kailali and Kanchanpur District 11 VDC 2  Municipality        
14    Equality and Access (Samata Pahuch)
(Samata Pahuch) Program for Reproductive health /Safe motherhood)     Increased access on reproductive and safe motherhood service and Reduces CDR.         7175 Family specially women and Children (ANC,PNC…)
    2008 to 2012
(5 Year)    600,000.00    DFID/ DFH  through DPHO Kanchanpur    Kanchanpur 13 VDC & time to time other all VDC       
15    Life Saving Initiatives for flood

(Affected People  in 10 VDC of Kanchanpur)    Reduce the water prone disaster and promote preparedness  of poor people and women     8000 family
Flood pron/affected people specially Poor family WASH  support     March – July  2011 (6 Month)    1,800,000.00    UN HABITAT / LWF Nepal    10 VDC of Kanchanpur District        
16    “Enabling Communities in Disaster Preparedness and Climate Risk Adaptation”    Access to climate-adaptive technologies  with use and reduce disaster shocks/stresses
For well being of poor people,    18 CDCM
Flood prone/affected &Climate related  specially Small, Poor & Janjati    2011 July Dec.
(6 Month)    1,987,000.00    FCA/LWF    Shankarpur, Shreepur, Laxmipur  and Rampur Bilasipur   VDC        
17    Right Base- Disaster Risk Reduction Management (RB-DRRM) Project    Reduce the disaster risk and promote preparedness & technology for resilient  of VDCs    52 Networks 300 Member & mass Flood pron/affected   specially Samll, Poor & Janjati    2010 to 2011 June
    1,793,000.00    FCA/LWF Nepal     Shankarpur and Shreepur  VDC Kanchanpur       
18    Networking Women For Strengthening Women’s Right (NWSWR) Project    Empowers of the women for achieve their rights through networking and capacity building.     59  Networks & 2500 women Member &  mass Mobilization     2009 to 2011
(3 year)    8,000,000.00    DFID/RDIF to JV NEEDS Sanjeevani    Far- Western Region: Bajhang, Kailali, Baitadi, Darchula&Kanchanpur       
19    Banana & Fish Farming  Program with Capacity Building (Livelihood Project)    Reduce the poverty to increase income through banana; fish and river bed farming.     1800 Family Disadvantage, Dalit, janajati & women    2006 to 2009
(4 Year)    4,000,000.00    Elam Plus Helvetas Nepal  Kailali    Kanchanpur
9 VDC        
20    Integrated Community Development  (ICDA) Program through Animation    Empower women, poor and dalits through animation for better livelihood.     278 Family
Poor family Dalit and women    2007 to 2009
(3 year)    1,500,000.00    Caritas Nepal Kathmandu     Kanchanpur  2 VDC       
21    Livelihood & Income Generating Training (LIGT) Program    Increase income for poverty reduction through skill/income generation training.     500 Family Freed Kamaiyas    2003 to 2004
(2 year)    8,000,000.00    MoLD/ PAPWT Nepalgunj    Kanchanpur 13 Freed Kamaiyas Camps        
22    Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR) Project    Increased income for poverty reduction through vegetable and agriculture.     590 Family Disadvantage, Dalit, janajati& women    2002 to 2003
(2 Year)    2,100,000.00    ADB/User Center with BASE     Kanchanpur 7 VDC & 1 Municipality       
23    Social Service in Mahakali Zonal Hospital     To serve poor, helpless, senior and disable people according to their condition.    Government target groups    2074 to till         Gov Nepal     Mahakali Zone Hospital
24    Sexual & Reproductive Health (SRH) Program

(Belauri Municipality Kanchanpur)    To promote use of contraceptive Methods.
Counseling support regarding health to adolescents & reproductive aged women (14-49)    FPAN targets    2002 to till     00.00    NEEDS Self  fund     Volunteer       
25    Community Literacy and NFE Program    Improvement of literacy of women and children      600 Person  Women  and Children    1999 to 2002
(Per year 6-9 month)    500,000.00    EDO Kanchanpur & WE    Kanchanpur 6 VDC       
26    Livelihood Sample Mini (LSM) Program For Freed Kamaiyas    Increase income to reduce poverty by livestock farming.      30 Family  Freed Kamaiyas    2004
(6 Month)    300,000.00    ILO/IPEC    Dekhatbhuli VDC  Kanchanpur       
27    Vocational & Skill Development Training (VSDT) Program    Creation of Youth employment by skill training.      500 Person  Youth     2004 to 2005 (Per year 3--6 month)    1,000,000.00    MoLT/VSTD Kanchanpur    Far- Western Region all district (Mostly Kanchanpur)        
28    Human Right Awareness (HRA) Program    Promote human right by capacitated.     5000 People Civil Society People      2003 to 2005    Budget exp. WV Nepal    European Union through World View Nepal.    Kanchanpur District all 19 VDC &1 Municapility       
29    Strengthen NGOs Sector of Nepal  (Sandeep) Program    Improve organizational governance of sustainable.     150 Organization Member    2004 to 2006
(3 year)    1,500,000.00    Save the Children US     Kanchanpur own organizational       
30    Environment Persevering and Community Access Program    Environment protection through mobilize FUGs and community     1000 Family FUGs member     2002 to 2010 (yearly 3-6 Month)    1,000,000.00    MoYS/WTLCP & Diff. Agency     Kanchanpur district 10 VDC        
  31    Community Base Monitoring  Program     Improve governance of UCs .    4  scheme UCs member & LBs     2011 June to Dec. (7 month)    1,000,000.00    MOLD through LGAF     Krishanapur, Pipaladiand Jahalari VDC        
32    Skill Enhancement  for Employment  (SEEP) Project      Creation of employment by skill training.      60 Person Janjarti, Dalit and Poor     2010 to 2011
(yearly 6-9 month)    600,000.00     ILO/SEEP     Kanchanpur 3 VDC        
33    Resilience Plus     Building economic status & Increased food security of  ultra poor families affected by COVID-19 pandemic through livelihoods (Cash based programming)    4434 HHs ( 2218 in Kanchanpur  and 2216 in Kailali ) vulnerable HHs received value voucher      June 2020- May  2021    9694367 NPR    UKaid/ Mercycorps    Kailali & Kanchanpur       
34    COVID-19 Response, Socio Economic Recovery    Developed an entrepreneurship to returnees from foreign employment by providing caused by COVID-19 pandemic.    400 Individuals    October 2020 to April 2021    10,500 000.00    UNDP    Bhimdatta Municipality, Kanchanpur       
35    Humanitarian Partnership Platform (HPP)    Building institution for effective response, preparedness & readiness for future disaster.    5 institutions including NEEDS Nepal, Krishnapur Municipality    January 2021 to June 2021.    65,000,000.00    Care Nepal    Kanchanpur