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Safe Migration- AWO International e.V.

Basic project Information: NEEDS Nepal in partnership with AWO International e.V and is implementing a 3-year phase (SSF Jan 2017 to Dec 2019) project titled “Promotion of Safe Migration and Prevention of Human Trafficking in Doti and Kanchanpur Districts, Nepal". The project is implementing in 8 VDCs in Doti and 2 municipalities in Kanchanpur districts. The area is high vulnerable zone of migrant populations toward India and abroad. Especially, the project focuses in K.I Singh Rural Municipality (Existing- Bhumirajmandu VDC) and Shikhar Municipality (Existing-Kapalekhi, Mudagaun, Mudhbhara, Tijali, Pachnali, Latamandu and Banlekh VDCs) in Doti and Mahakali Municipality (Dodhara-Chadani) and Punurbas Municipality in Kanchanpur.

Project Title: Promotion of Safe Migration and Prevention of Human Trafficking in Doti and Kanchanpur Districts, Nepal

Funding Partner: AWO International e.V.

Project Duration: 1st Jan 2017 to 31st Dec 2019 (36 Months/3 Years)

Geographical Coverage: K.I Singh Rural Municipality (Existing- Bhumirajmandu VDC) & Shikher Municipality (Existing-Kapalekhi, Mudagaun, Mudhbhara, Pachnali, Tijali, Latamandu and Banlekh VDC) in Doti Punurbas & Mahakali Municipalities Kanchanpur

Target Beneficiaries: Domestic Migrant Worker, Spouse of Migrants, Potential Migrants, Transit stakeholders (trade union, hoteliers, rickshaw puller, bus association, etc)

Target Beneficiaries Details:

  • Direct Beneficiaries: 10.000 HHs=18.000 Population
  • Indirect & Potential Beneficiaries: 2.52.500

Project Impact/Goal: Migrants & Human Trafficking Survivors Rights are Protected and Unsuccessful Returnee Migrants and Their Families Enjoy Better Livelihood.

Major Intended Results:

  1. Migrants & Their Families Take Informed Decision on Migration & contribute meaningfully in governmental social development service and Communities Network against Human Trafficking
  2. Social Structures & Networks are Strengthened and Effectively Addressed Safe Migration and Anti-Human Trafficking Issues at Local, District and National Level
  3. Unsafe Migration & Human Trafficking Survivors Enjoy Improved Livelihood and socially accepted and other returnee replicated the schemes in their communities






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