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S.N. Name of Project Objective Targets Duration Funded by Remarks
1 Hygiene and Behaviour Change Coalition (HBCC) Project Sustained improvement in hygiene and health behaviours that limit the spread of Covid-19
Gender norms promote equal distribution of hygiene and health related care work among women and men at the household and community level 10 Groups 4,000 directly reached through (i) inter-personal communication
50000 indirectly reached through (ii) digital behavior change
April 2020 – April 2021 DFID/ Unilever/ OXFAM 1 Municipality of Kanchanpur
Staff: 5 Person
Volunteer 10 Person
2 Promoting market led technical and Vocational skills for Employment To create employment and self-employment through enhancing knowledge and skills of 320 unskilled youths in the field of construction/ tourism and 540 semi-skilled youths in the field of agriculture by the end of this project
To establish one innovative and replicable 'training and business model' of organic vegetable and poultry value chain for smooth and sustainable production and employment promotion.
To help to formulate sustainable and strong practical partnership linkage mechanism with public and private sector for the job banking by forming one " Employment Dialogue Forum " in each local bodies of our project areas.
860 youth
(youth and employers) 2020 March-2021 August (18 Month) EU/Dakchyata TVET practical Partnership 13municipality and 5 Rural municiaplity
Staffs : 7
3 Enhancing Safe Labour Migration through Capacity Strengthening the targeted Beneficiaries Protect migrants rights and able to make taken informed decisions on migration and communities prevent human trafficking
Direct: 31000 population from 14300 HHs

Migrants, returnees, spouses and potential migrants 2020-2022 (3 Year) AWO International 3rd Phase start
Doti and Kanchapur District
4 Trans-Boundary River of South Asia (TROSA Project) Improved policies and practice of governments
that protect the rights of river basin communities
to water resources.
Improved policies and practice of private sector
and other sectors that respect the rights of river
basin communities to water resources.
Amplification of women’s profile and influence in dialogues and decision –making on water management and water infrastructure.
Direct 4721 HHs
10783 HHs 2017 to 2022
(5 year) SIDA Bhimdatt & Mahakali Municipality of Kanchanpur
Staff: 7
5 Hariyo Ban Program–II Biodiversity conservation
Climate change adaptation
GESI and Governance.
Direct 6000 HHs
And Indirect 12000 HHs
2017 to 2020
(4 year) USAID/ Care Nepal Kanchapur, Kailai, Banke and Bardiya District
6 123 project To enhance the livelihood of community through sewing training.
To make community children able to speak English and learn computer. Direct: 2500 2019 to 2021 WSRI Kanchanpur
7 Resilience plus Vulnerable households are able to meet their basic food and non-food needs through the receipt of emergency assistance
Improved awareness on Covid-19 prevention & mitigation, nutrition, hygiene practices, key protection messaging, information on social protection schemes and referral services.
Strengthening social protection pathways & access to services including government social protection schemes Direct: 1,776 2020 Aug to 2021 May DFID/Mercy Corps Kanchanpur (Mahakali MP: 3&4, Krishanapur MP : 6& 9)
Kailali -(Ghodaghodi MP: 6&8, Chure RMP: 1&6)
8 Enhancing access to justice through institutional reform project Doti and
Kanchanpur Enhance the access to justice of women ,Dalit,Tharu,Haliya,and other Marginalized communities including affected by the COVID-19. Direct 64000 8 October 2020 to 31 December 2020 UNDP Doti and Kanchanpur district
9 COVID-19 Response and Socio-Economic Recovery Project To increase income generating opportunities for COVID-19 affected households promoting sustainable agricultural and livestock based resources and services.
To strengthen community based supply chain and marketing facilities
To support vulnerable community to increase entrepreneurship through promoting agro based business and financial services. Direct 370(Dalit-25%, Ethic-29%, and others-46%) Intotal 60% Female 8 Months(Oct 2020- May 2021 UNDP Nepal and Bheemdatt Municipality Kanchanpur 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,19(Total 16 wards) wards of Bheemdatt Municipality Kanchanpur
10 Hamro Samman Strengthening federal, provincial and local Government of Nepal (GON) efforts to combat TIP.
Improving Civil Society Organization (CSO) advocacy and engagement to address TIP.
Increasing private sector partnerships (PSPs) to service TIP survivors and at-risk populations.
August,2020-January,2022 USAID  Kailali:Dhagadhi Sub-Metropolitan city , Godawori Municipality, Tikapur Municipality, Ghodaghodi Municipality, Joshipur RM
Kanchanpur: Bheemdatt Municipality, Beldadi RM ,Belauri Municipality, Punarbas Municipality


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